HighForce®-U Linear Motor Stages


HighForce® stands for high peak forces in highly compact designs.

are ultra-flat, ready-to-use, ironless linear motor stages with high peak forces und high dynamics. It is the ideal motion system for applications with short strokes, high synchronization requirements or very smooth motion.
HighForce®-U guides are constructed with a stiff rail mechanism, one rail, two ball carriages, front plate and an integrated scale.


  • fast handling
  • high synchronization requirements
  • high precision
  • checking

HighForce®-U Linear Motor Stages


  • ideal for short & long applications
  • Tec4Lin linear motors integrated
  • stroke available up to 1.696 mm (larger on request)
  • peak force up to 400 N
  • continuous forces up to 116 N
  • max. speed 5 m/s
  • max. acceleration bis 150 m/s²
  • positioning repeatability +/- 1 mikron, linearity error < +/- 10 mikron
  • suitable for all major 3 x 230 VAC servo controllers


  • absolute scale
  • stainless steel screws and guides
  • mechanical limit switches
  • braking units
  • additional passive guide on one rail
  • multi-axis cartesian robot configuration
  • cable chain
  • manufactured cable sets

HighForce®-U Positioning Controller

HighForce®-U linear drives are electrically designed according to the OpenLin® concept.

Guides designed according to the OpenLin® concept can be used with all current positioning controllers, regardless of the manufacturer. The linear motor elements, as well as the scale are industrial standards and the technical documentation is disclosed.

> OpenLin® page

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Installation, Maintenance & EC Guidelines
> Installation guide, maintenance instructions & declaration of conformity on request

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