AirDynamic® Linear Motor Modules


AirDynamic® stands for ultra-dynamic, mechanical opertaing data, as well as for linear guides without roller or ball bearings and without the need for any kind of lubricant.

AirDynamic® is a system of linear modules with integrated high-dynamic linear mototrs. The specified standard values are up to 6 m/s and up to 1.000 m/s² (100 g).


  • shaking
  • vibrating
  • shaking
  • oscillating
  • shocking
  • life time testing
  • destruction testing
  • acceleration testing
  • burst testing

AirDynamic® Linear Motor Modules AM10 - The Sprinters without Lubrication


  • ideal for short stroke applications
  • PackTube® linear servo drives integrated
  • peak force up to 2.700 N
  • max. speed 6 m/s
  • max. acceleration up to 1.000 m/s² (100 g)
  • low moving masses
  • very flat & symmetrical guide construction
  • positioning repeatability +/- 0,05 mm, optional +/- 0,001 mm

AirDynamic® Drives

Our AirDynamic® series is based on PackTube® drives. With a peak force of up to 2.700 N and very low moving masses, the system represents one of the world's leading products in dynamics of industrial dirct drives. Up to 100 g are possible. The supply voltage is 3 x 400 VAC.

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