ParaPicker® Robots


ParaPicker® PP03 are super-dynamic parallel kinematic robots with linear drive technology.

♦ the history

In 2005 we first introduced a two-axis parallel kinematic robot, that used linear motors as actuators.
This was the begining of our ParaPicker® technology!

Based on the established HighDynamic® linear motor modules, the 4-axis ParaPicker® industrial robot PP03 was developed and was first introduced in 2010 at the MOTEK fair in Stuttgart.
See the presentation on the right.

the name

  • Para stands for the parallel arrangement of the actuators
  • Picker stands for the typical tasks

the advantages

  • the dynamics
  • the force in Z-axis
  • small installation surface
  • no moving cables for the drives
  • low reaction forces & vibration
  • the price


  • in 2011 ParaPicker® participated in the robotics award at the Hannover fair and was under the top ten applicants!

ParaPicker® Robot PP03


  • 4-axis paraell kinematics robot with a tripple-arm desgin
  • actuators with linear direct drives, which are integrated in standard linear moduels
  • low vibration due to the perpendicular arrangement of the actuators
  • very small installation surface
  • three sizes available
  • workspace dependent on size
  • typ. TCP speed 3 m/s
  • typ. TCP acceleration 50 m/s²
  • payload 0,5 kg - 5 kg depending on size and dynamics
  • positioning repeatability +/- 0,3 mm
  • absolute accuracy +/- 1,0 mm
  • rotational drive as fourth axis optional
  • trajectory control
  • eight trajectories available
  • simple programming
  • test mode to determine cycle time
  • powerfull HMI & diagnose
  • very long operational life
  • controll consisting of PMC-motion control & PPC-power control in 19''-technology
  • connection to process control over parallel SPS interface as standard, Ethernet TCP/IP or EtherCAT as optional interface
  • mains supply 1 x 230 VAC
  • several hardware & software options


  • delivery of ParaPicker® mechanics without controller & control unit
  • rotational axis with fluid passages
  • pneumatic brake for vertical applications
  • MagSpring® option for vertical applications

ParaPicker® Positioning Controller

For our Parapicker® Pick & Placer, we use controllers out of the LinMot® range.


  • 24 VDC logic supply
  • 48 - 72 VDC power supply
  • 8 - 32 A output current
  • selection of positioning tasks with freely definable motion profiles over I/O’s or fieldbusses
  • oscillating motion
  • analog position target 0 - 10 V
  • pulse & direction inputs
  • master-booster or gantry mode
  • master-encoder synchronization
  • streaming mode
  • input for external high-resolution positioning sensor
  • variable homing modes
  • Safe Torque Off (STO)
  • fieldbusses EtherCAT, POWERLINK, PROFINET, SERCOS III, TCP/IP, Profibus-DP, CANOpen, DeviceNet
  • licence-free configuration tool LinMot-Talk
  • controller configuration according to motor and application data


Who supplies ParaPicker® Robots PP03?

ParaPicker® robots are manufactured and marketed in cooperation.

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inotec AP GmbH
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