Magnetic Constant Force Springs


  • magnetic constant force springs let masses float
  • ideal construction element to compensate the weight force in vertical applications
  • constant force along the working stroke
  • strokes available from 50 mm up to 350 mm
  • constant force available from 3 N up to 60 N
  • no additional supply energy required - inherently safe
  • low moving masses
  • minimal wear
  • ideal alternative to pneumatic or spring force compensations
  • magnetic constant force springs are no dampeners


  • weight force compensation
  • constant force actuator


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Magnetic Parking Brake MagStop®


  • magnetic parking brake keep masses up
  • ideal construction element for 'clambing' moving parts of vertical servo-axes in predefined position
  • available for linear motors LM1247 & LM2070
  • holdung forces up to 15N & up to 33 N
  • holding force adjustable with magnetic gap
  • no additional energy needed
  • very low moving mass
  • no wear
  • ideal alternative to pneumatic clamping systems
  • not suitable for savety systems and functions


  • small actuator systems with vertical movement