Consultation & Training

  • physically technical essentials
  • conceptual drive design
  • essentials linear servo drive technology
  • conceptual design & project planning
  • machinery safety
  • operational life analysis

For our consulting services we allow ourselves to charge an appropriate fee. Please specify your inquiry accordingly. You will recive a corresponding offer promtly.

Design & Simulation Programs for Linear Dircet Drive Technology

  • kinematics & drive interpretations
  • designing of kinematics tools for custom applications

Simulation of Magnetic Circuits

  • Magnetic physics

Process Simulations

  • high-speed product ejection
  • high-speed product handling
  • flying saws

Automation & Robotic Solutions

  • SPS software development under CoDeSys
  • SPS software development under TwinCAT
  • development of custom realtime applications for robotics
  • CANOpen, Profibus-DP & Ethernet applications


Development & Production of Power Supplies

  • power supplies with transformer technology sitable for fixed AD mains voltage
  • supplies with switched mode technology for worldwide AD mains
  • power supplies with buffered DC bus as blackout buffer
  • braking chopper suitable for various DC bus systems

Development & Production of Mechatronics Solutions

On request we develop and produce complete mechatronic solutions all around linear motor technology.

custom actuator with load-cell for force over stroke applications

custom HighDynamic® Linearmotor-Modules
for Z-axis applications with sealed MagSpring®

custom QuickDynamic® linear motor modules for image checking

Customized Cabinets

Our custom switch cabinet design is very flexible - whatever you need, you get!
We produce approx. 30 custom cabinets with individual designs each year.

top image - custom control for tactile positioning
bottom image - custom ejection control

Design & Production of Customized Motor Cables

Yearly we produce about 1.000 premium, ready to use cable sets following customer requests and manufacturer's specifications. Each cable ist tested ohmically on our cable testers before leaving our factory. Optionally, additional high-voltage testing can be preformed. Our manufactured cables have a rejection rate of under 0,01% (value averaged since 2001).

Base Materials:

  • standard cable
  • trailing chain cable
  • robotic cable


  • cables for linear direct drives
  • cables for rotary-servo systems
  • cables for positioning sensors & angle measurement systems

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