PackTube® stands for the typical application in packaging machinery and for the tubluar build of the motors.

PackTube® is a linear direct drive system, that combines high peak forces, high dynamics and a compact desgin for a fair price/performance ratio. With a peak force of 2.700 N und very low moving masses, it is one of the worlds leading products for max. dynamics of industrially manufactured direct drives. This makes an accelertion of up to 100 g with small payloads possible!

The Applications are especially found in packaging machinery and testing of equipment.

PackTube® Linear Motor System with 400 VAC Technology


  • tubular, dynamic electromagnetic direct drives
  • 3 x 400 VAC supply
  • integrated, incremental measurement system, sensing of the drive magnets
  • integrated plain bearings & wiper
  • positioning repeatability +/- 0,05 mm or
    +/- 0,001 mm with optional external sensor
  • peak force from 500 N up to 2.700 N
  • max. acceleration up to 100 g
  • stator diameter 70 mm
  • slider diameter 28 mm
  • max. stroke 1.770 mm
  • protection class IP67
  • long operational life
  • licence-free configuration-tool LinMot-Talk
  • CE & UL approbation

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