QuickLab® Options


With our QuickLab® modules and guides, we offer various sophisticated options for different cases of application, focusing our design on low moving masses, highest possible stiffness, modularity and low expenses.

Stand for the module?

AD52 set of stands for module QM02-2070

X-Z Pick & Place?

AD60 - Adaption plates mounting sets

Should the Masses Float?

AD53 & AD54 - Adaptors for MagSpring® mounting

QM02 Modules not Precise Enough?

AD56 - Adaptor for external positioning sensor on QM02

QA02 Guides not Precise Enough?

AD56 - Adaptor set for external positioning sensor on QA02

Crashing not Allowed?

AD55 - Magnetic parking brake MagStop® for QM02 & QA02

QuickLab® Options Download Center

Brochures & Data Sheets
> QuickLab® options data sheet (Coming soon!)
> Magnetic parking brake MagStop® AD55 data sheet (Coming soon!)
> External incremental positioning sensor data sheet

Installation, Maintenance & EC Guidelines
> Assembly Guide MagSpring® on QuickLab® module QM02

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