QuickLab® Options


With our QuickLab® modules and guides, we offer various sophisticated options for different cases of application, focusing our design on low moving masses, highest possible stiffness, modularity and low expenses.

X-Z Pick & Place?

AD51 - Set of adaption plates

Should the Masses Float?

AD53 & AD54 - Adaptors for MagSpring® mounting

QM02 Modules not Precise Enough?

AD56 - Adaptor for external positioning sensor on QM02

QA02 Guides not Precise Enough?

AD56 - Adaptor set for external positioning sensor on QA02

Crashing not Allowed?

AD55 - Magnetic parking brake MagStop® for QM02 & QA02

QuickLab® Options Download Center

Brochures & Data Sheets
> QuickLab® options data sheet (Coming soon!)
> Magnetic parking brake MagStop® AD55 data sheet (Coming soon!)
> External incremental positioning sensor data sheet

Installation, Maintenance & EC Guidelines
> Assembly Guide MagSpring® on QuickLab® module QM02 (Coming soon!)

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