Company History & Milestones

2021/2022 - a
t the turn of the year, our ForTorque® rotary module family will be expanded to match the QuickLab® family with two new small rotary modules.

2021 - The new QuickLab® series of actuators will be launched on the market in March.

2020 - The new ForTorque® torque module FT01-4050 will be launched in April. It has a fluidic 2-channel rotary feedthrough with innovative sealing technology.

2019 - In summer whole production is reorganized

2019 - JA² GmbH 30 th anniversary

2017 - Product launch of super-short linear motor guides HA02 of HighDynamic® series

2015 - Product launch of ForTorque® series & LinTorque®

2014 - Product launch UltraDynamic® & ParaPicker® PP02-37

2013 - SAP as new ERP-system starts in third generation

2013 - Product launch QuickAx® and QuickPos® series & ParaPicker® PP02

2012 - Product launch ultra-flat linear motor guides HighForce® series

2011 - Product launch PackTube® with 400 VAC Technology & FourDynamic® linear motor module

2011 - Hannover Fair, robotic awards - ParaPicker® Robot comes under the top 10

2010 - Product launch ParaPicker® Robot

2009 - Product launch HighDynamic® & QuickDynamic® ranges in cooperation with Inotec AP

2008 - Expansion of linear direct drive technology & of product range

2004 - Begin development & marketing of mechatronical systems for assembly tasks, suitable for linear direct drives

1999 - Entry into direct drive technology & cooperation with NTI AG LinMot®

1996 - Production own series of asynchronous servo drives for precision machining

1993 - Complete automation solutions are being developed and produced

1992 - Construction & relocation to the company HQ in Wettenberg

1989 - JUNG ANTRIEBSTECHNIK U. AUTOMATION GmbH is founded in april by physicist Wilhelm Jung, focusing on the marketing of induction motors, static inverters, analog servos & numerical controls