FourDynamic® Linear Motor Modules


FourDynamic® stands for 400 V technology and for high-dynamic opertating data.

FourDynamic® is a set of linear motor modules with integrated tubular linear drives, with a design focus on low moving masses and maximum possible stiffness. The specified standard values for continuous opperations are 5 m/s and 150 m/s².


  • punching
  • cutting
  • embossing
  • bending
  • thrusting
  • mounting
  • mating
  • compressing
  • decompressing
  • squeezing
  • sealing
  • welding
  • shaking
  • vibrating
  • condensing
  • swinging
  • printing
  • metering
  • filling
  • stacking
  • unstacking
  • sorting
  • palletizing
  • feeding
  • pushing
  • ejecting
  • selecting
  • checking
  • substituting pneumatics

FourDynamic® Linear Motor Modules FM10 - The Sprinters without Oil and Air


  • very low moving masses
  • very thin construction
  • ideal for short stroke applications
  • PackTube® linear servo drives integrated
  • stroke up to 350 mm
  • peak force up to 2.700 N
  • max. speed up to 5 m/s
  • max. acceleration 150 m/s²
  • long operational life
  • positioning repeatability +/- 0,05 mm


  • liquid cooling (see right picture)
  • cooling fan
  • external measuring system for repeatability of +/- 0,001 mm
  • pneumatic brake

FourDynamic® Drive System

Our FourDynamic® series is based on PackTube® drives.

With a peak force of 2.700 N and an extremely mass-reduced guide system, the actuator system is one of the world's leading products wenn it comes to max. dynamics of linear motor modules. By connection to a fieldbus system, the FourDynamic® system can be easily integrand into complex machine controls.

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