PosiPac® - Faster at Reduced Cost


Power Supply & Motion Control
® are positioning systems that are assembled on a 4-column (Pac's) universal mounting plate ready for use. They can be delivered as pre-wired 1 to 3-axis systems. In the combination of power supplies with LinMot® controllers of series C11XX and C12XX, a DC-bus voltage of 48 VDC or 72 VDC is available. A version with an integrated 24 VDC logic supply is also suitable for supplying peripheral devices. The wiring, installation and time effort for an autonomous motion control system is significantly reduced with PosiPac®.

Typical Applications

  • stand alone motion control systems
  • stand alone high speed automation
  • compact systems
  • 1- to 3-axes applications
  • world wide use
  • applications with UL specs


  • combination with LinMot® controller of B1100 series


PosiPac® in PC02 configuration
PosiPac® in PC05 configuration
PosiPac® in PC08 configuration
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Brochures & Data Sheets
> PosiPac® data sheet


Installation, Maintenance & EC Guidelines
> declaration of conformity - PosiPac®

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